About MMSI

Mission Statement

"Helping your business grow is our business"
The mission of MMSI is to help businesses grow by providing:

  • Clients with consultancy, research and systems that offer them a marketing advantage.
  • Staff with satisfying, stimulating and rewarding careers.
  • Shareholders with a safest and profitable return on investment.

Priorities will be judged by reference to the following:

  1. Will it satisfy our customers?
  2. Is it profitable?
  3. Will it increase the rate at which we can grow?
  4. Will it save us money, time or other resources?

We acknowledge that clients want things FREE, PERFECT and NOW and strive to deliver products and services which clients perceive as meeting these desires.

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A Unique Consultancy

Marketing Management Services International’s strength is a combination of factors which collectively set us apart from any other consultancy and give us a unique identity in the marketplace. We have been at the cutting edge of innovation in consultancy since 1989, and are in the list of the UK's top 10 Marketing Consultancies.

The marriage of academic discipline and strong entrepreneurial instinct gives us the essential balance to see the whole picture. Not just are our solutions award winning but the work in the real world.

At Marketing Management Services International we pride ourselves in our ability to create long lasting change for our clients. Our unique Global Marketing Advantage System (GMAS) provides many modules which provide Global companies with marketing, sales and quality related improvement programmes which lead to measurable strategic and tactical advantage.

Some of the factors that make us unique are:

  • Multi-sector experience.
  • Our staff give regular guest lectures and write for newspapers and journals.
  • Strong academic ties.
  • Academically and professionally trained staff who are knowledgeable and experienced.
  • Innovative Trade marked marketing concepts.
  • State of the art research facility and computer centre.
  • Quality assured to BS EN ISO9001 for the provision of research and consultancy services.
  • Investors in people accredited.
  • Research quality asserted to BS7911.

"Our unique solutions improve our clients quality of life. Not just their bottom line".

Sharing Your Commitment


Our clients are special. They exhibit traits that set them apart from their competition. Our clients know that quality consultancy advice is not a luxury but a commercial necessity. They understand that apathy and ignorance are commercial suicide.

Our clients:

  • Invest in their future.
  • Understand the need for constant development.
  • Look for responsive and adaptable solution providers.
  • Are willing to develop long term relations with suppliers.
  • Want to keep or develop a competitive advantage.
  • Desire to be the best in their field and back that desire with resources.

"We are committed to helping your business grow".

Making Your Business Grow Is Our Business

We form synergistic partnerships with our clients. Your knowledge and experience of your industry combined with our multi disciplinary expertise create practical and effective solutions that are uniquely developed for your business. Open communication and teamwork throughout a project are essential. To this end you can rest assured that our team of dedicated professionals will provide:

  • High level of personal service
  • An accurate analysis of your current situation
  • Innovative and unique solutions that satisfy your business needs providing long term stability and profitability
  • A dedication to ensure customer satisfaction

"We can only fulfill our needs when we have first fulfilled yours".

A World Class Consultancy

Marketing Management Services International offers a full range of national and international marketing expert advice and practical implementation skills.

Working with associates and in conjunction with our marketing network, we can offer all the main specialist services such as research, strategy, planning, quality, facilities management and promotional implementation. We offer the one stop shop for all your marketing needs.

Our in-house expertise and services are listed below:


The uniqueness of each project will dictate the exact marketing services required. Although clients can choose from any of the following portfolio of expert services, a full marketing plan would typically contain the following:


Marketing Review

Review of the current marketing organisation, including customer and sales analysis and pricing and promotional policies. Analysis of where existing business arises from, services offered and geographical pattern of trade and future plans which will have an effect on marketing planning.

The marketing review identifies organizational strengths and weaknesses.

Market & Competitor Analysis

Research project design. Identification and analysis of current and potential target markets trends, for both existing and new products (new product market testing), on a regional and UK basis through utilization of secondary and primary research:

Secondary Research -Collection and analysis of available data and statistics relative to the marketplace. Determination of market size & profitability.

Primary Research -Research of current and potential target markets and competitors that cannot be derived from secondary research sources. It determines the customer perceptions of the client organisation and main competitors and facilitates forecasting of sales and market reactions.

We can provide the following methods of market research, depending upon the requirements of individual projects:

  • Email Research
  • Web-based Research
  • Group Discussions
  • Face-To-Face Interviewing
  • Postal Research
  • Telephone Research
  • Observation Research
  • Mystery Shopping (A researcher poses as a potential customer in order to test the efficiency and derive an overview of how effectively the client organisation deals with customer enquiries).

Market information and field work identifies the external opportunities and threats facing the company.


Our expert team of strategists are renowned for their ability to develop unique strategies for delivering effective solutions through our trade marked STORM meetings.

Mission Statement

Definition of organisational goals.

Marketing Strategy

Generation of optimum marketing strategy for the client organisation. i.e. definition of how the organisation will achieve its goals.

Marketing Objectives

Generation of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timed) marketing objectives for the short, medium and long term.

Product/Service Planning

Advice on product positioning, product portfolio, establishment of product objectives and strategies.

Promotional Planning

Advice on promotional policy, establishment of promotional objectives and strategies including personal selling, public relations/media, advertising and sales promotion.

Price Planning

Establishment and advice on pricing objectives and strategies.

Distribution Planning

Establishment of distribution objectives and strategies, advice on distribution channels.

Action Plan

Development of an action plan which comprises itemisation of marketing implementation plans and timetables.


Through our associates we can provide tactical marketing implementation including Public Relations, Sales Support, Sales Promotion, Recruitment, Advertising Agency Services and design and supply of a host of other practical marketing activity support and services.


Defining the requirements of the marketing function, design of optimum marketing department, recruitment, training and monitoring of staff until department is running efficiently and effectively.


Analysis of key sources of information, triggers, identification of information requirements, design of information gathering, storage and dissemination system on computer or hard copy.


Running, on behalf of the client company, their marketing department either in part or in its entirety. Typically this option consists of defining the requirements of the marketing function; design of the optimum marketing department; recruitment, training and monitoring of staff until the department is running efficiently and effectively.

G. Global Marketing Advantage System Deployment (GMAS)

GMAS is defined as: "the knowledge, experience, systems, processes, procedures, techniques, training and software tools required to successfully generate a global marketing advantage.

"Marketing Management Services International - a total package delivering your unique solutions."

A Selection Of Our Clients To Date

We have worked with small, medium and large organisations in a variety of markets including industrial, consumer, non-profit making and professional services and thus understand the factors that are unique to individual business sectors.

The highly confidential nature of the work undertaken by Marketing Management Services International means that we do not release information on the nature of any projects conducted on behalf of our clients unless we first get their written approval. The same level of confidentiality would be applied to your project.

Computer & Software Companies

Compaq Computers, Tandem, Digital, Lucent Technologies, IBM, Ascend Communications, Hewlett Packard, Cognitive Solutions, Fujitsu Siemens Computers Gate Micro Solutions, Creative Computing, Atlantic Information Systems, Gamut Technologies, Derek Rodgers Professional Software, Initiative Software, CC Technology, Synetics.

Retail & Wholesale Companies John Deas, The Wine Well, Roland Butter, Blooms, Premier Fashions, McMillan Brothers, Lizars the Opticians, Laings the Jewellers, Wilson Watson McVinnie, 21st Century Sport.

Enterprise Companies, Councils & Public Bodies

Scottish Enterprise, HERO (Higher Education Research Opportunities), Re:source : The Council for Museums, Libraries & Achieves, Govan Initiative, Tayside Enterprise, Glasgow Development Agency, Borders Regional Council, Fife Regional Council, Angus District Council, The Scottish Office, The Royal Mail, CADET, Tayside Regional Council, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, Scottish Enterprise Edinburgh and Lothians, Lothian Regional Council, Midlothian Regional Council, Edinburgh City Council .

Hotels, Bars & Restaurants

Cottier's Theatre, United Distillers, Ben Nevis Barrels, Cellar No 1, Winnock Hotel, Hilcroft Hotel, Croftmalloch Inn, Echo Hotel Group, Rosslea Hall Hotel, Moat House Group, Duchally House Hotel, Urr Valley House Hotel.

Industrial, Engineering & Electronics

British Rail, Mitco, British Polar Engines, Haven Products, Turner Aviation, Kinloch Electronics, East Anglian Electronics, RC Murray, McGeogh Marine, Caledonian Universal Sealants.

Energy Sector Scottish Power, National Power, Innogy, Innogy America, British Gas, Digital Energy..

Education, Training & Consultancy

Glasgow Nautical College, Strathclyde University, Cardonald College, Jordanhill College, Dale Carnegie Training, Faciltec, TACT, SMP Consultants, Young Recruitment, Scottish Local Authority Management Centre, ASA International, Moonstone International.

Art, Publishing, Design & Architecture

Graven Images, Ferguson Orr, Elder & Cannon, Cullen Graphics, Made in Heaven, Wilkinson & Low, Dorset Printers, Scottish Data, DEP Landscapes, Scan Hi Graphics, Creative Colour Bureau.

Cars and Commercial Vehicles

Linn Volvo, Country Garage, Western Rover, Eastern Western Group, West Cars, Western Commercial.


Four Acres Trust, British Red Cross, Royal Highland Fusiliers, Moonstone International, The Salvation Army, Barnardos .

Professional Services

Medical Defence Union, Willis Corroon, Martyn Associates Chartered Institute of Marketing, Chartered Institute of Banking in Scotland, Institute of Petroleum Engineers.

Recruitment Agencies

ASC, Minutes Medical.

Biotechnology & Medical Sector

Scotlab, Equine & Ovine Products, Edinburgh Science Triangle.



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