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Customer Loyalty

Loyalty valuations and audits were first introduced by Bain & Company Inc in the mid 1980ís and in 1989 the Harvard Business Review published the results of the first study into the subject. Further developments and models were introduced and in 1996 Fredrick Reichheld published his book entitled The Loyalty Effect. This set out the then thinking on how to effectively measure and determine loyalty values and profit projections.

Marketing Management Services International has built upon this early work and has developed new models and software which can deliver accurate and robust evaluations of Loyalty and its future impact on your business.

Bain & Company Inc showed that many major firms in the U.S. replace half their customers in 5 years, half their employees in four years and half their investors in less than one year. They went on to show that in MBNA, the credit card company, a 5% increase in customer retention would result in a 125% lift in profit and how in other sectors a 5% increases could result in between a 35% and 95% increase in customer net present values.

Using sophisticated modeling and research methodologies they developed the early systems for determining true loyalty effects and the measuring tools. Marketing Management Services International has developed the current standard in these software tools and unique models, where actuaries work hand in hand with loyalty experts, to determine the long term value of loyalty in your company. By adding loyalty modules to their accountancy packages or databases, organisations can constantly monitor the added- value loyalty is adding to their business. Like Bain & Companyís models, Marketing Management Services International look at the three core loyalty areas, Employees, Investors, and Customers but also have developed models to take account of suppliers, strategic alliances, virtual companies and other models of business relationship for both the public and private sectors. The development of models of loyalty for non-profit and government are particularly novel approaches.

Working with Dr Donaldson of Robert Gordon University, Marketing Management Services International has been able to shorten the information collection process and has developed effective means of valuing customer loyalty and thus allowing the real costs of obtaining, growing and adding value to customers to be calculated.

The models developed also identify the stages in a customerís life cycle where the most efficient resource applications can be applied for the maximum return. Some non advanced models can lead to erroneous calculations of customer life cycle value and hence lead firms to invest too much in attracting customers and failing to identify where the real income is generated and at what stage of the customer life cycle. The advanced models at Marketing Management Services International eliminate this problem by not only analysing more effectively customer lifetime value but determining the exact stages and history of customers, which allows the determination of critical lifecycle events, which in turn leads to better customer life cycle management and hence profitability.

If you would like more information on Marketing Management Services International's Customer Loyalty Valuation Service contact: Gerald Michaluk

Marketing Management Services Delivering Superior Customer Value.

Facilities Management

All companies require marketing to be effective and efficient. However all companies do not necessarily have the resources to enable them to build the perfect department. Others may have specific requirements that can not be met by their existing marketing departments.

MMSI can run the marketing department within companies on behalf of clients in either part or in its entirety. Typically this option consists of defining the requirements of the marketing function, design of the optimum marketing department, recruitment and monitoring of staff until the department is running efficiently and effectively. This can give companies the full benefit of a marketing department at a fraction of the cost.

Interim Management

A firm can be unexpectedly left without key marketing staff perhaps because of illness or disloyalty. When you need someone to take over until you can organise a permanent replacement then we can help by providing competent managers quickly and guarantee their work by heavy support staff on hand. For short or not so short interim management needs, we can deliver when you need us most.

Internet Based Research Services

Marketing Management Services International will search 100 Search Engines simultaneously, eliminate duplications, sort the resulting web site pages into categories which we will be agreed in advance, e.g. Products, Competitors, Prices, Delivery, Special offers. These reports can be augmented with notes from our researchers and outputted to disk for on-line browsing, CD for off line browsing or made into A5 booklets. The sites identified will then be automatically monitored for changes and updates will be sent out as required.

This is a vital service for every company wanting to exploit the full market research potential of the web.

MMSI's flexibility enables the following types of search methods:

  • Standard information search
  • Detailed knowledge search
  • on-going web monitoring

Types of secondary research that can be conducted by MMSI include:

Strategy Research

  • Industry related analysis
  • Technology market analysis
  • Core skills analysis

Global Research

  • Global market analysis Global core analysis

International and Regional Research

  • Country, city, region analysis

KPI/KRA Analysis & Development

Key Performance Indicators/Key Results Analyses

From a survey of 5000 managers 53% reported having an appraisal once per year and 31% less frequently, while 7% had never had an appraisal. If improvements in company performance are to be achieved, frequent appraisal is required. While we believe that the best appraisals systems are continuous, with managers taking corrective actions on a daily/weekly/monthly basis, a formal review is often required to get the routine established.

Our approach is simple, we aim to improve the ability of the job holder, identify obstacles which restrict their performance, agree a plan of action which will lead to improvement in performance or greater productivity. By monitoring performance, analysing differences and interviewing staff, we ensure they meet your aspirations.

Management Decision Support Services

This service will provide management with the quality of information delivered when they need it to allow you to make better decisions. We can also monitor decision effectiveness over time and provide expert systems, modeling likely outcomes and provide guidance as to decision making probability.

Marketing Consultancy

For the effective marketing of business there requires to be careful planning. A marketing plan must be developed with a full understanding of the market with which the business is operating as well as the requirements of customers and staff alike. Managers know and understand the importance of effective market research, but either do not know how to undertake this task or simply do not have the resource available. MMSI have the expertise to carry out research that will give useful information to allow the development of effective strategies.

Marketing plans developed by MMSI ensure that the company has SMART objectives (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic and Timed) which will focus the whole organisation on the strategic direction of the company. We aim to make our clients the best in their field not just Ďanother companyí.

Quality Assurance Consultancy

We believe that quality and marketing have the same objective of satisfying customer needs. By approaching quality from a marketing point of view we focus firmly on the needs and expectations of the customer and build systems on this philosophy.

Our quality management consultants can provide the following:

  • The undertaking of a comprehensive compliance audit of the companies existing activities and procedures against the requirements of the standard.
  • Guidance and assistance on the preparation of new procedures to cover identified deficiencies and for the compilation of the quality manual.
  • Preparation of operating procedures and a quality assurance manual to meet the requirements of the standard.
  • An analysis of the extent of the understanding of quality assurance requirements and techniques with the company, to identify the relevant training needs to company personnel and to recommend suitable training action.
  • Assistance with the implementation of the quality system and new procedures.
  • A report to confirm the results of the project, which will include the consultantís recommendations for further action as discussed within the client company, together with copies of documentation and procedures generated during the assignment.
  • Liaison with a suitable assessment body up until point of assessment.

The results will be a planned and documented system which will co-ordinate the policies and organisational structure, procedures, resources and working practices.

Marketing Research

The average professional spends 25-30% of his time searching for information - that is nearly 600 hours per year!

MMSI's research professionals will deliver fast, day-to-day answers provided by "real-time" secondary research systems or project based in-depth research provided by custom studies and ongoing web monitoring intelligence. Either way MMSI will present a range of innovative solutions that deliver valuable information with an impact.

Traditional Research
MMSI offers a comprehensive range of marketing research facilities. These include secondary research conducted in the libraries to primary research. The type of primary research that can be conducted by MMS includes:

  • Telephone, video and/or face-to-face interviews
  • Online telephone surveys
  • Outbound research calls
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty surveys
  • Qualitative and motivational research
  • Direct marketing, including fax, email and post
  • In-depth street surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Observational mystery shopping
  • Group discussions and blind testing
  • Key account interviews
  • Quality assurance and standards

Marketing Software & Systems

MMSI offers marketing software consultancy. This provision has grown out of our clientís needs within their marketing and management information systems. Our service is based around excellent liaison with users in designing systems which are built to an agreed specification and strictly within an agreed time frame. We have a wide experience with different packages and, as such, have developed highly flexible working methods that allow us to operate on new systems and configurations both quickly and effectively, without prolonged familiarization period. We also have experience of setting up and developing client web sites.

Strategic Planning and Event Facilitation

The way meetings are facilitated, to a large extent, determines how effective they are. MMSI facilities ensure a challenging, exciting productive environment, whilst our scribes ensure no thoughts are lost and that ACTIONS are agreed and timetabled. We also offer a flow-through service which ensures promises are kept by participants in a timely manner.

Training & Development

MMSI provides training and educational courses both under our own name and those of the client company. We provide tailor-made training solutions in most areas of management, marketing, and quality. Formats range from: half day sessions spread over several months, where behavioral changes are required, through daily, weekly, evening sessions, and field training to residential activity courses.

Training Needs Analysis

What is Training Needs Analysis?

Training Needs Analysis, or TNA, is an exercise designed to improve the competitiveness of your business. The four stages of the process will:

  • Examine the current performance of the company and its employees.
  • Identify improvement areas and training requirements.
  • Produce a training plan for individuals, teams and the company as a whole.
  • Introduce training and performance evaluation systems.

The forth stage of the TNA process evaluates the benefits of the training carried out. TNA is a continual process which will ensure the continual growth of the business and employees if it is implemented correctly.

Using Marketing Management Services Internationalís TNA you will receive a TNA manual to guide you throughout the process and a consultant will train the key member(s) of staff in how to carry out a TNA. You will be given consultancy and the work you do will be reviewed to ensure that the TNA process is being carried out correctly.

Using our TNA system you will be given the knowledge and tools to continue the TNA on an ongoing basis.

What are the benefits of TNA?

A TNA will:

  • Ensure existing tasks are performed correctly.
  • Find ways to do tasks better.
  • Find new ways of doing things.

This will result in a number of measurable and observable benefits, including:

  • improved profits
  • higher productivity
  • reduced staff turnover
  • delighted customers
  • enhanced corporate image
  • more highly motivated workforce
  • two way communication
  • more team-working
  • better return on training spend

Empowering your staff to drive their own development and that of the company could be the best move you have ever made.

For more information email: Gerald Michaluk

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