Dynamic Insight


Dynamic Insight is the latest generation of the Dynamic Reporting database reporting tool, which has been in use on a Global scale since 2002 with clients such as Hewlett Packard, Compaq and Fujitsu Siemens. Dynamic Insight has been rewritten from scratch to increase the response time of the application, the range of functions and the range of outputs available to the user, and to create a modular application which can be easily modified for each client as they desire.


  • Derived variables for significance testing and deltas
  • Presentation of insights into corrective actions from known environmental conditions and attempted solutions
  • Fully automated
  • Canned or production report tailored to individual stakeholder requirements

Advanced Features

  • Flexible output Graphs and Tables easily importable into Microsoft Office and most other major productivity applications.
  • Data can be exported in HTML, CSV and Excel formats.
  • Include data / results from multiple sources.
  • Modular Design allowing easy customisation to different client requirements/needs.


Dynamic Insight is hugely flexible in its presentation and content capabilities. Employing the latest in AJAX design, Dynamic Insight can interface with Multiple databases providing a user friendly front end to the data displaying it according to assigned permissions in attractive tables and graphs.

The use of permissions allows administrators to block access to data on a user by user role, allowing users to only see reports as permitted and only see data relevant to their Partner / Site or Business unit, although permissions may be assigned by any field within the data, and are restrictive rather than permissive permissions so that permission to see data is given rather than permission to see data denied.

Dynamic Insight also provides a secure file store so that files may be share among users, but can be restricted to specific groups of users.

Partner / Site / Business Unit Reports

Depending on the user community, dashboard(s) can be configured to contain only top-level scores, or provide additional levels of information and detail by Partner & Site. Dynamic Insight reports are password protected by user group.


Dynamic Insight is capable of producing statistics and significance testing with the calculations being totally customisable by project or client, allowing it to provide clear and relevant data for the specific client.


Dynamic Insight includes a flash based graphing engine which can generate a variety of graphs, which will clearly scale to the resolution of the users display.

The following chart options are available:

  • Time Series Graphs
  • Impact chart (Prioritises action areas by presenting all attributes on one graph with correlations, attribute scores and overall satisfaction scores). This is visually a very high impact tool.
  • Histograms, Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Parallel Column Charts and Line Charts are all available.

Tailored to Unique Requirements

Dynamic Insight is designed in a modular fashion, allowing extra functions to be designed and plugged into the main menu seamlessly.

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