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Over the next few months this site will be developed and enlarged, so please accept this as it is the first tentative steps into developing the UK’s prime site for entrepreneurs to meet inventors and financial institutions. We hope that the combination of management flare, entrepreneurial drive, inventor’s determination and availability of finance will provide the right chemistry to generate successful enterprises.

Our first task is to identify entrepreneurs. "Research tells us that the Entrepreneurial market buys almost half of all the business-to-business products and services; creates almost all the new jobs and is different in mindset…" Wilson Harrell.

These are his key ideas. Do you agree?

  • Entrepreneurs are vital to a country’s economy.
  • Entrepreneurs are born, not made, thirst for freedom is the spark that ignites them.
  • Entrepreneurs are "hunters" the buccaneers not farmers.
  • There are 4 phases to entrepreneurial life: Genius, Benevolent Dictator, Disassociated Director, and Visionary Leader. The process of decision making must change between phases or you are doomed.
  • Leadership is the essential skill required by entrepreneurs.
  • Large company solutions don’t work in entrepreneurial companies.
  • Entrepreneurs are inspired by freedom not money, power or influence.
  • Entrepreneurs are not risk-takers. They just keep adding creative solutions until the risk goes away.
  • Entrepreneurs need go-getters to create and build organisations, but mature organisations need professional managers and this is the time when most entrepreneurs fail.
  • Entrepreneurs build their companies because they worship their product, people, and customers.
  • Entrepreneurs and the financial community do not speak the same language.
  • Non-executive directors for entrepreneurial companies should be made up of Entrepreneurs

The above have been extracted from: "For the Entrepreneurs Only", written by Wilson Harrell, published by Career Press 1994. ISBN: 1-56414 123-3 Buy it on Amazon.com

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