Marketing Consultancy sets sights on AIM listing

from 'The Herald' Business Section 27th February 2001<

By Simon Baine

A GLASGOW-based marketing consultancy is defying market gravity and planning a listing on the Alternative Investrment Market (AIM).

Marketing Management Services International (MMSI) employs 23 full-time and 150 part-time staff, and its business plan shows numbers rising to 720, more than half based in Scotland.

It plans to offer 20%-30% of its shares, and has set aside 10% for stock options which it hopes will help attract consultants liberated from bigger firms in downsizing exercises.

Gerald Michaluk, the founder, said: "Our system allows a company in a very dynamic market to do rather well, by alligning its startegy to its tactics." Compaq, Innogy and Lucent had been recent clients for important pieces of work.

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